Cottage Photos and Scenery

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A1 The Gazebo.jpg

A2 View from near the gazebo.jpg

A3 cottage from afar.jpg

A4 Sunset view from porch.jpg

B1 Exterior view of cottage.jpg

B2 Side yard view 1.jpg

B3 Side yard view 2.jpg

B4 View toward Irish Mountain Rd.jpg

C1 View from porch 1.jpg

C2 View from porch 2.jpg

C3 View from porch 3.jpg

C4 view from porch 4.jpg

D1 View from porch 5.jpg

D2 Rear deck.jpg

D3 Back of cottage.jpg

D4 Picnic table and grill.jpg

E1 View from back deck.jpg

E2 Interior view 1.jpg

E3 Interior view 2.jpg

E4 Interior view 3.jpg